1. When was the company established?
Lawson, Inc. was established in April 1975.
2. When was the stock listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?
In July 2000, the stock was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
3. On what stock exchange are the shares of Lawson, Inc.listed?
The Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Osaka Security Exchange in Japan.
4. Does Lawson, Inc. have consolidated subsidiary?
Please click here to see our principal subsidiaries and affiliates companies.
5. How can I obtain annual reports?
Click here to access the current or recent annual reports.
6. How can I obtain the most recent earnings report?
Click here for the most recent earnings report.
7. How can I obtain financial statements?
Click here to access the annual and interim financial statements.
8. Who is the transfer agent?
The Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.
9. What is the trading code number for domestic exchange?
2651(TSE first section)
10. Is there a program for preferencial treatment of shareholders?
11. Are there any Lawson stores overseas?
Yes, there are Lawson stores in China (Shanghai and Chongqing).
12. Who operates Lawson stores in China? How can I contact them?
Shanghai Hualian Lawson Co., Ltd.
5th Floor, Beizhong Building, No.651Middle Huaihai Road, Shanghai 20020, P. R. China
TEL: +86-21-5388-1500 (corresponding language: Mandarin).

Chongqing Lawson Co., Ltd.
Neptune-A-7-4 No.62 Xingguang Road, Hi-Tech Park of Yubei District, Chongqing, 401121, P. R. China
TEL: +86-23-6306-6299 (corresponding language: Mandarin).
13. Can you tell me about Lawson’s strategy for overseas?
We are looking into new expansion overseas. For more details, please refer to our latest IR tools on the website below.
14. How can I obtain Environmental and Social Activities Reports?
Click here to access the current or recent Environmental and Social Activities Report.
15. What is your policy on shareholder returns?
Lawson’s basic policy is to return profits to shareholders in the form of dividends after taking into account business performance, the Company’s circumstances, retained earnings and other factors.
Click here for further information regarding dividends.
16. When is your general meeting of shareholders?
The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders is held annually at the end of May.
Click here to see our IR calendar.
17. Where can I find information regarding the number of shares issued?
Please see the Shareholders Information section of our website for information regarding issued shares and other shareholder information.
18. What is your stance on corporate governance?
Full details of our corporate governance policy can be found in our latest Annual Report.
19. What is Lawson’s fiscal year-end?
Our fiscal year ends on the last day of February.
20. How can I obtain a print copy of the Annual Report?
For a print copy of the Annual Report please submit a request using our Contact page.
21. When is your monthly operations summary updated?
Our monthly operations summary is usually updated by the 10th of each month.
22. How can I become the franchise owner of Lawson in China?
Please contact Shanghai Hualian Lawson Co., Ltd. number below or through web site.
(Note: Shanghai only. Franchise package is expected to be available for stores in Chongqing in late 2011 or early 2012.)
Tel: +86-21-5388-1515 (Franchise Owner Recruitment Hotline, corresponding language: Mandarin).