Monthly Operations Summary FY2012 (August 2012)

Business Report


Total sales at all stores in August 2012 amounted to 182,253 million yen, 103.3% of the same period last year. Consolidated net sales of existing stores were 97.3% of the same period last year. Average daily sales per store (all stores) amounted to 573 thousand yen. The average number of customer per store (existing stores) was 962, 98.8% of the same period last year. The average spending per customer (existing stores) was 576 yen, 98.5% of the same period last year.

Consolidated net sales of existing stores decreased year on year due to the high hurdle of last August's favorable sales in ticket handling, and sporadic local heavy rains mainly in West Japan.

Existing stores sales by merchandise category were as follows.

Continuing from the previous month, sales of over-the-counter fast food and delicatessen exceeded 100% of the same month last year. In particular, we saw significant sales growth in over-the-counter fast food as a result of our continuous efforts to enhance prepared food items and to our introduction of freshly ground drip coffee "MACHI Café" in over 1,700 stores.

Sales of private brand "Lawson select," which includes prepared food, daily necessities and beverages, continued to be robust.

The perishable food category also continued to experience significant sales growth after we introduced more fresh food items such as packages of "freshly cut vegetables" in the regular LAWSON stores, in addition to the continued efforts to enhance the fresh food-type LAWSON stores.

Sales of cigarettes were again below the amount of a year ago but have continued a gradual y-o-y recovery.

As of August 31, 2012, the Lawson Group had 10,912 stores in Japan, including 105 NATURAL LAWSON stores and 1,191 LAWSON STORE100 stores.

Existing store sales of Ninety-nine Plus, Inc. amounted to 97.7% of same period last year (number of customers: 97.4%; sales per customer: 100.3%). In August, Ninety-nine Plus, Inc. opened 4 stores and closed 1 store.

The earnings announcement for 1H of FY2012 and related information will be posted on this web site on October 3.