News Release Lawson's Online Shopping Site "Loppi" Opens.
Ponta Points Are Awarded for Shopping.


TOKYO, JAPAN, 9 13, 2011

LAWSON, Inc. opened its online shopping mall, "Loppi Lawson Net Shopping," on September 13, 2011. Loppi is a full-scale online shopping mall where about 30 million food products, daily necessities, and other items are available. It comprises three shopping sites: "From Natural LAWSON" operated by Lawson, Lawson's entertainment mall "Lpaca," and "Yahoo! Shopping" operated by Yahoo! JAPAN. Customers can access to these sites through PCs, smartphones and mobile phones (service by NTT Docomo and au; service via SoftBank's smartphones and mobile phones will be available upon completion of their preparation.)

Members of multi-partner loyalty program Ponta are awarded points by shopping at Loppi.

[Powerful, easy-to-use search function]

Loppi has a search function which enables customers to find the items they want from among all the items available on Loppi. This function uses the merchandise data collection and search systems of Venture Republic Inc., with whom Lawson formed a business and capital alliance on January 28, 2011. It enables users to search aggregated merchandise data across multiple online shopping sites.

[Accumulating more Ponta points]

Members of multi-partner loyalty program Ponta (approximately 35 million) are awarded 1 point for every 100 yen of shopping at Loppi. Member benefits that Lawson is now preparing include programs such as limited-time bonus point offers and featuring of products at better-than-normal exchange rates.

[Naming of "Loppi"]

"Loppi," an acronym for "Lawson Online Shopping," has been used since 1997 to identify multimedia kiosk terminals at stores. As the name is well known among customers, Lawson decided to adopt it as a name of the new online shopping business and its user services. This is suitable from the viewpoint of the company's developing full-fledged e-commerce services for its valued customers. The terminal name Loppi will continue to be used as "Loppi terminals."

Lawson is committed to using its group's integrated capability to provide information, merchandises, and services that help make people's lives convenient.

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