News Release Notice regarding Acquisition of Eisai Seikaken Co., Ltd. Stocks
- Expanding "Nakashima Farming Method" Nationwide


TOKYO, JAPAN, 7 19, 2013

Lawson, Inc. (Head Office: Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Takeshi Niinami) has today acquired 70% of the issued stock of Eisai Seikaken Co., Ltd. owned by Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo; President & CEO: Haruo Naito), and has executed share transfer agreement to acquire the firm as its subsidiary.

Eisai Seikaken Co., Ltd. owns the trademark of "Nakashima Farming Method," which is a prominent mineral farming technique in the domestic market, and also holds patents for fertilizer developed in connection with this method. The "Nakashima Farming Method" uses diagnosis of soil conditions and techniques for developing healthy soil in conjunction with preserving the health of crops and techniques to control the growth process, and it is a cultivation method that supplies the appropriate nutrients based on the growth status of crops and the nutritional balance of the soil (mineral balance). Use of the method enables production of safe and high quality fruits and vegetables. LAWSON stores in Kanto's Koshinetsu region have been selling "Lawson Select Cut Vegetables," which are certified "Nakashima Farming Method" crops, since April 2012, and this line has seen great popularity with customers. By implementing this "Nakashima Farming Method" at all Lawson Farms nationwide, Lawson will expand its provision of safe, mineral-rich, high value added fruits and vegetables.

Lawson, in accordance with our Corporate Philosophy: "Creating Happiness and Harmony in Our Communities" is striving to seek ways to offer support for the health of their customers through food products. With initiatives such as the opening of "LAWSON STORE100" fresh convenience stores in 2005, we have expanded our selection of fresh vegetables and other fresh food products at approximately 7,000 stores. In order to provide safe vegetable and fruits at our stores, we formed an agricultural production corporation, "Lawson Farm Chiba, Inc.," in 2010, and as of now we have expanded to 9 total Lawson Farm locations nationwide. In this fiscal year we will expand to 20 locations, and a mid-term goal has been set at 300 locations. Also, in addition to Lawson Farm above, we will also introduce the "Nakashima Farming Method" to all farmers nationwide who have contract transactions with the Lawson Group, in order to propagate it further.

Lawson will continue to implement various initiatives to help contribute to healthier life of our customers, and do our best to provide goods and services with a high level of added value.


[Overview of three Companies]

Eisai Seikaken Co., Ltd
  Location of Head Office: Toriko Industrial Park, Toriko 312-4, Nishihara-mura, Aso District, Kumamoto
  Representatives: Daichi Nakashima, Representative Director and Chairman
Yutaka Kusaki, Representative Director and President
  Main Scope of Business: Manufacture and sales of soil fertilizers and similar products; soil and crop analysis; research and development, manufacture, and sales of soil conditioners, plant mineral supplements, and other crop nutrients.
  Capital: 50 million yen
  Established: July 31, 1967


Eisai Co., Ltd.
  Location of Head Office: Koishikawa 4-6-10, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo
  Representative: Haruo Naito, Director, President (Representative Corporate Officer) and CEO
  Main Scope of Business: Manufacture and sales of medical supplies and non-medicinal products.
  Capital: 44.985 billion yen
  Established: December 6, 1941


Lawson, Inc.
  Location of Head Office: 11-2 , Osaki 1-chome, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo
  Representative: Takeshi Niinami, Representative Director and CEO
  Main Scope of Business: Development of the convenience store franchise chain "LAWSON."
  Capital: 58.506 billion yen
  Established: April 15, 1975


[Business Outlook]

As a result of this acquisition of stocks, Eisai Seikaken Co., Ltd. will become our subsidiary. This transaction is not expected to have any significant effects on our company's consolidated performance figures.