News Release "Lawson Integrated Report 2013" is released to ensure a better understanding of Lawson by all stakeholders


TOKYO, JAPAN, 10 02, 2013

Lawson, Inc. (Head Office: Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Takeshi Niinami) is glad to announce the release of the "Lawson Integrated Report 2013" on Oct 2, 2013, to all its stakeholders. Lawson has combined previous "Annual Report" and "Corporate Citizenship Report" (CSR Report) and illustrated both financial and non-financial information in one volume.


Integrated Report 2013

Front cover of Lawson Integrated Report 2013


Topics covered in the Lawson Integrated Report 2013
The following topics are added in the report to present a brief and clear picture of Lawson in terms of medium- and long-term growth projections.

(1) Our efforts toward community issues and "Corporate Value Creation Cycle"
This report includes a list describing our efforts toward the various issues that our communities are facing such as the acceleration of demographic aging and increased global warming.
In addition, we classified our management resources into five categories of capitals: financial, manufactured, human, intellectual and social capitals. By allocating these capitals effectively, we strive to ensure a process where generated value exceeds the capitals employed. The process is described in the "Corporate Value Creation Cycle."


(2) SCM-CRM model utilizing Ponta program
Details are described with regard to the analytical method of Ponta (the multi-partner loyalty program) members' purchasing behavior as well as the latest case examples of SCM-CRM model utilizing the Ponta program.


(3) Release of CO2 emissions of our supply chain
To promote waste reduction as well as energy and resource conservation, we prepared an easy-to-understand diagram depicting material flow and CO2 emissions at each stage of our supply chain from raw materials procurement to product disposal.

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