News Release - Selected by the Japan Investor Relations Association -
Lawson receives the 18th annual IR Grand Prix Award


TOKYO, JAPAN, 11 15, 2013

It is a pleasure to announce that Lawson, Inc. (Head Office: Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Takeshi Niinami) is honored with the 18th Annual Grand Prix Award, administered by the Japan Investor Relations Association (Chairman: Shuzo Sumi, Present of Tokio Marine Holdings Inc.) as of today. It is the third award that Lawson received from the organization, following the Best IR Award received in 2009 and 2012, and it is his first time to be honored with the IR Grand Prix Award.

Japan Investor Relations Association is a non-profit organization, working for the promotion and quality improvement of IR activities in Japan. The Best IR Award, administered by the organization is designed to recognize those companies, which have achieved successful results and gained the support of the investment community, for their strong understanding of and proactive efforts to promote investor relations. This is the 18th year that the Award is held. From 276 companies applied for screening in the Awards, one was selected for the IR Grand Prix Award and another 5 were selected for the Best IR Award.

Lawson's strategic goal is to achieve 20% of return on equity, and by implementing a management strategy with emphasis on capital efficiency, we aim for sustainable growth in the medium to long term. To provide all the stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, with a better understanding of our process of corporate value creation, we are actively engaging into IR activities. In particular, we published the first Lawson Integrated Report in FY2013, illustrating both financial and non-financial information, to ensure a better understanding of our process of corporate value creation on the basis of coexistence with local communities. Our management team will continue to take the initiative to provide information to investors and promote IR activities with a high regard of timely disclosure and fair disclosure.


[Note] Why was Lawson selected for the IR Grand Prix Award?
* Translated excerpt from the news release of JIRA

The IR Prime Business Award 2013

"Lawson's consistent stance on continuing IR activities at a high level is highly appreciated. The top management clarifies their shareholder-oriented position and implements a business strategy that can maximize the economic added value, in consideration of shareholders' capital cost. Lawson's IR activities are carried out within this framework and they are also active in overseas IR. In addition, its IR department is highly positioned and offers easy-to-understand explanation on topics that investors are interested in. The approach from its management team is also appreciated on providing detailed explanation including risks regarding their operations in China, which are in a difficult environment."
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