CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY The Lawson Group's "Happiness in Communities" Fundraising

  • Lawson Green Fund
  • Support Dreams Fund

We launched the Lawson Green Fund in 1992 and the Support Dreams Fund in 2011.
Furthermore, in June 2013, we started the TOMODACHI Fund. We conduct all these funds under the Lawson Group's "Happiness in Communities" fundraising. We implement fundraising activities at stores, working toward the creation of a sustainable society by means of supporting the children who will be the leaders of tomorrow and through greening contribution projects. We also donate contributions from Lawson headquarters, Ponta and d point reward point donations, the contribution portion of sales from donation-linked products, and the funds raised by our Group companies to relevant organizations.

The Lawson Group’s “Happiness in Communities” fundraising
Cumulative Donations (including those collected in stores, donations from headquarters, and donations of Ponta reward points): ¥8 billion
(For September 1992 through February 2016)
Fundraising boxes are installed in all stores of the Lawson Group nationwide (approx. 12,000 stores)

Lawson Green Fund

Greening at a school
Activities in a school
Greening in mountain areas
Activities in a mountain
Recipient: The National Land Afforestation
Promotion Organization
The Lawson Green Fund supports greening projects carriedout by school volunteer groups, mainly from elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, and schools forspecial needs education throughout the country, as well as forest preservation projects conducted by volunteer groups in Japan and overseas.
Participation in Greening Contribution Projects
Franchise owners, store managers, store crews, and headquarters employees participate in greening contribution projects that benefit from the Lawson Green Fund.
(Cumulative number of times participated since 1994:1,234 times)

Support Dreams Fund

(Scholarship system for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake)
Recipient:Civic Force
This scholarship program has been organized to support students affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. It helps 1,097 recipient students make their dreams come true by providing each student with scholarship amounting to ¥30,000 per month.
Social event for scholarship recipients
Scholarship students participated
in the recovery support event held
in Miyagi Prefecture in February 2016.


(Supporting students in the Tohoku region through U.S.-Japan educational and cultural activities)
Recipient:U.S.-Japan Council (Japan)
The TOMODACHI initiative is a Japan-U.S. public-private partnership for U.S.-Japan educational and cultural exchange, the aim of which is to extend support for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, and for the development of leaders of the next generation. Lawson supports educational and cultural exchange involving students in the Tohoku region with funds raised by the TOMODACHI Fund.
TOMODACHI Leadership Program
"2015 TOMODACHI Female High School Students Career Mentoring Program in Fukushima"

Fundraising for Disaster Relief

In the event of a major disaster, our storefront fundraising can be temporarily switched to disaster relief fundraising.

In fiscal 2015, we raised a total of ¥40,408,425 under our Nepal Earthquake 2015 Relief Fundraising, and ¥46,963,557 under our Typhaon No.18 2015 Heary Rain Disaster Relief Fundraising.