Monthly Operations Summary FY2011 (September 2011)

Business Report


Total sales for all stores in September 2011 amounted to 159,735 million yen, an increase of 100.9% year on year. Consolidated net sales for existing stores increased by 97.6% yoy. Average daily sales per store (all stores) amounted to 550 thousand yen. The average number of customers per store (existing stores) was 942, an increase of 101.0% yoy, and average sales per customer (existing stores) increased by 96.6% yoy, to 565 yen.

Consolidated existing-store sales in the Tohoku region increased by over 106% yoy, driven by demand related to reconstruction following the earthquake and tsunami of March 2011.

Sales of cigarettes at existing stores dropped by about 13% yoy due to the reversal effect of the rush demand ahead of the cigarette tax hike in the previous year. Some of the sales triggered by the rush demand were accounted for on October 1 of the previous year, as the company’s store cash registers close at 13:30 in principle.

Sales of other products were also robust, making strong gains from the previous year.

Sales in the rice and noodles category, dessert category and bakery category continued the sharp growth trajectory of the previous month, exceeding 100% yoy.

Sales in the over-the-counter fast food category significantly outperformed the previous year, thanks to strong sales of various flavored fried chickens including fried chicken with pulp of Kishu Nankouume (pickled Japanese plum). This product ranked top in the web popularity vote for new flavor candidate ideas collected from Lawson’s employees nationwide, as part of the 25th anniversary campaign of “Karaagekun” (nickname for fried chicken).

In the fresh food category, enhanced fresh food-type LAWSON stores (Hybrid Type) contributed to a substantial 70% yoy increase in sales.

As of September 30, 2011, the LAWSON Group was comprised of 10,264 stores in Japan, including 92 NATURAL LAWSON stores and 1,137 LAWSON STORE 100 stores.

Existing store sales of Ninety-nine Plus Inc. amounted to 100.0% of the previous year (number of customers: 98.7%, sales per customer: 101.3%).

In September, Ninety-nine Plus Inc. operated 11,137 stores out of which 10 stores opened and no store closed .

Lawson is slated for an Autumn Rilakkuma Fair to November 7, 2011.

LAWSON plans to announce its earnings summary for the second quarter of fiscal year 2011 on Thursday, October 13. The earnings announcement and related information will be posted on this web site.