Monthly Operations Summary FY2013 (May 2013)

Business Report


Total sales at all stores in May 2013 amounted to 168,073 million yen, 101.6% of the same period last year. Consolidated net sales of existing stores were 98.6% of the same period last year.  Average daily sales per store (all stores) amounted to 519 thousand yen. The average number of customer per store (existing stores) was 876, 98.7% of the same period last year. The average spending per customer (existing stores) was 565 yen, 99.9% of the same period last year.


Consolidated net sales of existing stores decreased year on year due to medium-term decline in cigarette sales. However, sales excluding cigarettes increased year on year. Gross profit margin of total sales of existing stores was in line with our estimate because of more emphasis on value added products and robust sales of over-the-counter fast food category which carried high gross profit margin.


Existing stores sales by merchandise category were as follows.


The delicatessen category exceeded the previous year’s amount. In particular, prepared food categories recorded a significant year-on-year growth.


Sales of over-the-counter fast food category significantly exceeded the amount of previous year’s, due to favorable sales of delicatessen items and freshly-brewed coffee.


Sales of cigarettes continued to decline below the amount of a year ago just as it did last month.


We continue to drive differentiation strategy through value creation and also address the needs of an aging society. As one of our key initiatives, we opened a flagship store that supports healthier life of our customers as ‘LAWSON Kugahara 1-chome’ on May 28, 2013. This store offers wide variety of healthy, nutritious products and also offer health-supporting services. We will analyze customer data and feedbacks, learn the needs of our customers, and then expand our offerings to other LAWSON stores.


As of May 30, 2013, the Lawson Group had 11,249 stores in Japan, including 108 NATURAL LAWSON stores and 1,211 LAWSON STORE100 stores.


Existing store sales of Ninety-nine Plus, Inc. amounted to 96.2% of same period last year (number of customers: 95.3%; spending per customer:100.9%). In May, Ninety-nine Plus, Inc. opened 1 store and closed no store.


Lawson plans to announce its earnings results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2014 on Friday, July 5, 2013. Summary of financial results and supplementary information will be posted on this website.