Monthly Operations Summary FY2017 (Aug 2017)

Convenience Store Business in Japan



Lawson, Inc. (Non-consolidated)
All Stores Sales 104.1%
Existing Stores Sales 101.1%
Number of Customers 98.2%
Spending per Customer 102.9%

*This chart shows the total sales of LAWSON, NATURAL LAWSON, and LAWSON STORE100 operated by Lawson, Inc. Sales of Lawson Sanin, Inc., Lawson Kochi, Inc., Lawson Minami-Kyushu, Inc., and Lawson Okinawa, Inc. are not included.



Lawson Group
Opening 97
Closure 20
Total Number of Stores 13450

*The number of stores in Lawson Group includes Lawson, Inc., Lawson Sanin, Inc., Lawson Kochi, Inc., Lawson Minami-Kyushu, Inc., and Lawson Okinawa, Inc.

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▼ Business Report

The sales result of Lawson, Inc. in August is as follows. Total sales at all stores in August amounted to 202,779 million yen, a 4.1% up year on year. Existing-store sales increased 1.1% year on year over the same period. Average daily sales per store (all stores) totaled 571 thousand yen, while the average number of customers per store (existing stores) fell 1.8% to 861, and the average customer spend at existing stores rose 2.9% to 617 yen. The existing LAWSON stores’ sales in Japan*1 in August increased 1.3% year on year.

Although the external environment was severe mainly due to the relatively shorter duration of sunshine from Kanto to Tohoku region in August this year, existing-store sales exceeded the previous year.

Below is a breakdown of the existing-store sales performance by individual merchandise categories.

Sales of noodle category exceeded year on year, mainly due to favorable sales of pasta and hot noodles.

Sales of delicatessen category performed well due to preferable sales of large selection of salad items.

Over-the-counter fast food sales increased drastically year on year in August, thanks to continuing better sales of “Deka-yakitori” (Mega grilled chicken) and renewed “L Chiki” (fried chicken 40% bigger than former L Chiki), as well as favorable sales of “Chinese steamed buns” and ”Oden” which were launched in early August.

As a result of successful outcome from our initiatives such as to expand product offering in these category, sales of daily delivered food and frozen food items rose considerably year on year.

Cigarette sales increased due to favorable results of electronic cigarette and its related items, which accounted for 0.5 point or less increase year-on-year of existing-store sales growth in August.

The ticket sales including concerts, sporting events, etc., accounted for approximately 1.5 point increase year on year of existing-store sales in August.

The Lawson Group operated 13,450 convenience stores in Japan at the end of August 2017, including 144 NATURAL LAWSON stores and 795 LAWSON STORE100 stores.

Regarding LAWSON STORE100, existing-store sales fell 2.1% year on year in August (customer numbers:
-3.1%; customer spend: +1.0%). In August, we opened 4 stores and closed 1 store.

Lawson is promoting the “Snoopy Summer Campaign” until September 18, 2017 to help broaden its customer base.

On September 5th, Lawson launched both “Uchi Café SWEETS×GODIVA chocolat tart” and “Uchi Café SWEETS×GODIVA gateau chocolat” as the 3rd collaboration products between Lawson and GODIVA.

Lawson plans to announce its earnings results for 2Q of FY2017 on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 16:00(JST). Summary of financial results and supplementary information will be posted on this website.

Note 1: Lawson, Inc. sales include sales generated by LAWSON stores (excluding Lawson Okinawa, Inc., Lawson Minami-Kyusyu, Inc., Lawson Kochi, Inc., and Lawson Sanin, Inc.), NATURAL LAWSON stores, and LAWSON STORE100 stores. The LAWSON operation in Japan consists of sales generated by LAWSON, Inc. minus sales generated by LAWSON STORE100 stores.